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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Got a Kick in the Pants Over Her Tweets

Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t purposely get herself kicked out of a restaurant; Sanders was ejected for being a top agent of evil for deranged racist child abusing lunatic traitor President Trump. But afterwards, Huckabee Sanders played up the issue by using her official White House Press Secretary Twitter account to whine about it. This  blew up in her face, and it had some hilarious results.

Most of the American people, and the majority of social media users, supported the restaurant in question. If professional liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders wanted to harm Red Hen, she failed, she just gave it more free advertising than they could have ever afforded; it’s sure to soon become a very popular dining destination for the good liberal people of Virginia. Then came the dumb #Restaurants4Sarah Twitter tag, which saw everybody expressing where they believe she should go stuff her lie-telling hole next.

Comedian Elayne Booster said she should try “Fact Checkers.” Bryan Behar, the television writer, suggested “Chick Fil A-Hole.” Steve Redmond offered “Irrational House of Propaganda.” Craig Rozniecki said “White Supremacist Castle.” Countless people brought up “Cracker Barrel”. Others went with the classy “Traitor Vic’s” and “Traitor Joe’s.” So if Huckabee Sanders wanted sympathy with her stupid tweet, she got the precise opposite.

This is all just the latest disaster in a spectacular turn of events for the evil liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Recently, CBS News reported that Sanders was going to resign by the end of the year, which she deceitfully denied. But she then started scaling back her usage of the @PressSec handle on Twitter, then she stopped doing her press briefings altogether. And now she’s getting kicked out of restaurants for being an accomplice to dastardly deeds, and a very grateful nation is heartily thanking the heroic restaurant.

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