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Trump’s Nevada Rally Has Shown Us More Disturbing Things Than We Want To Know

Even while Sarah Huckabee Sanders was whining about being thrown out of a Virginia restaurant, and several thousand immigrant children were still being held as hostages in tiny cages, Donald Trump chose to fly west to Nevada and lead a Klan rally. Well, it was a rally for electing Republicans to Congress, but still, basically a Klan rally. Donald Trump’s speech went rapidly in so many disgusting directions, it was hard to keep up.

We knew it would be a horror show when Donald Trump brought his ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski (that’s not the other former Trump campaign manager who is in jail, right now, the other one) with him to the event. It was a response to Lewandowski’s annoying and objectively evil visit to Fox News this week, where he responded to the sound of a ten year old girl who had Down Syndrome being taken from her loving mother by making a soulless “womp womp” sound. Naturally, Donald Trump wanted to reward the sociopathic Lewandowski for being a pile of crap.

Trump also used the event to wrathfully mock Senator John McCain, even though McCain has terminal brain cancer! He randomly verbally attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren because of her Native American ancestry, calling her “Pocahontas” like the uncreative racist he is. There was more. A lot more. He accused some Democrats of saying “Nevada” incorrectly, then later he said it the same incorrect way.

Democrats have either won or greatly outperformed expectations in every single election since the monstrous Donald Trump took office. When this “Blue Wave” keeps going into November, Democrats will own the House and Senate, making it infinitely simpler to kick Trump out of office. Trump has begun lying there is a “Red Wave”, but there’s no indication of that. Based on his despicable Nevada rally, his game plan probably consists of babbling in a very rude manner and then losing.

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