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Rhode Island Senate May Just Have Put Trump’s Political Doom Into Play

This week, Rhode Island’s state Senate managed to pass a bill that would prevent candidates from being on the presidential ballot for their state unless they release five years of tax returns, the Providence Journal reported.

State Senator Gayle Goldin (D) sponsored the bill, and noted that every single presidential candidate since Nixon released their tax returns on their own until President Donald Trump ran.

Trump has lied that he can’t release his tax returns since he is being audited, but the IRS stated an audit doesn’t prevent a candidate from publishing their personal tax information.

Gayle Goldin argued “tax returns provide essential information about candidates’ conflicts of interest.”

Those tax returns are vital information which a voter must know about a presidential before they vote.

The law passed the Senate, which has a Democratic majority, with a 34-3 vote. It will now go to the State House of Rhode Island.

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