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Donald Trump Should Pay Close Attention to Eye opening Poll

50% of United States voters are against the terrible Trump administration’s controversial import taxes against steel and aluminum, reports a poll from Quinnipiac University which was released on Friday.

Only 31% like the import taxes. Republicans represent the only group which had a majority approval for tariffs on steel and aluminum, the poll discovered.

The findings came while Trump arrived in Quebec, Canada for the G-7 summit, where the terrible president is expected to get criticism from important U.S. allies over his choice to slap high tariffs against steel and aluminum that is imported from the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Even though half of American voters oppose the metal tariffs, most voters — 52 percent — are in favor of levying tariffs against goods imported from China, as compared to 36% who oppose those measures.

Black voters and Democrats were the only groups that were surveyed that opposed the taxing of Chinese exports to the United States.

The Trump administration first announced the tariffs against imported steel and aluminum back in March, but gave the EU, Mexico, and Canada temporary exemptions while negotiators tried to determine new trade agreements.

But late in May, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross claimed that those negotiations failed to progress as far as the terrible Trump administration wanted and that the United States could not justify a renewal of the exemptions.

The tariffs are part of Trump’s attempt to balance out what he calls unfair trade arrangements with many countries, including U.S. allies. However, the move has seriously pissed off leaders in Europe, Mexico, and Canada, prompting threats of revenge duties against U.S. goods.

The European Union and Canada have filed cases against the United States at the World Trade Organization, questioning the legitimacy of the tariffs and their justifications.

The recent Quinnipiac poll got responses from 1,223 voters nationwide between May 31 and June 5. The poll has a 3.4% margin of error.

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