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Michael Cohen May Take the ‘Nuclear Option’ Against Donald Trump

In the two months following the FBI raid of the home and office for Donald Trump’s longtime personal fixer Michael Cohen, we have seen Trump try very hard to distance himself from Michael Cohen’s actions, while not bothering to defend Cohen. Now that Crooked Cohen is only eight days out from an evidence deadline which could serve as a decision deadline on whether he’ll take a plea deal, one of his friends is giving hints about where Cohen is leaning.

Nicole Wallace, an MSNBC host, held a panel today to talk about what Michael Cohen’s next move is. One of the people on that panel: Michael Cohen’s friend, the radio host Donny Deutsch. They debated about whether Cohen will cut a plea deal, and Deutsch described Cohen as “very angry at this point.” Deutsch was then asked whether Cohen is more angry at Donald Trump or at the U.S. government. Deutsch then said,  “I think he’s angry with misguided loyalty … and I believe there could be some nuclear things coming.”

Deutsch failed to specifically elaborate what he meant when he said “nuclear things.” However, it’s not hard to determine that he’s referring to Michael Cohen making a plea deal against Trump and telling many of Trump’s dirtiest secrets. Michael Cohen has spent two years being involved with Trump’s Russia plot, Trump’s shady business deals, and Trump’s payoffs to people who accused him of sexual harassment. Although Cohen has done things which could land him in prison for a very long time, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the FBI offer him an excellent plea deal involving a few short years in minimum-security prison, if he tells them everything about Trump. There is also another important factor.

Michael Cohen’s ex-business associate known as the “Taxi King” cut a plea deal recently and agreed to tell everything he knows regarding Cohen’s sketchy business dealings. This sharply lowered the odds of Crooked Cohen winning at trial. Some observers believe Trump might attempt to pardon Cohen, but that notion went out the window as soon as Trump didn’t pardon Michael Flynn prior to Flynn spilling his guts. No matter what, if Cohen is really “very angry” at Trump (which he should be), and regretting his “misguided loyalty” to the president, then he doesn’t seem like someone who’s counting on a presidential pardon.

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