Donald Trump May Have Unwittingly Sent His Closest Allies to Prison -
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Donald Trump May Have Unwittingly Sent His Closest Allies to Prison

Donald Trump finally won a victory tonight, in his own severely deluded mind at least, when his last remaining loyalists in the DOJ got James Wolfe, the former Senate staffer, indicted. Wolfe once leaked information to New York Times, but he was indicted instead for lying about that to the FBI. If lied to the Feds, it makes it hard to defend him. However, Trump and his evil friends just very idiotically set a precedent which will ensure that many of them go to prison.

The recent Wolfe case is another reminder that, when the FBI catches someone doing a crime that may be hard to prove in court, they interview them, try to catch them in a lie, and prosecute them for perjury. These tactics are extremely questionable and probably some kind of human rights violation, but it’s commonplace. That’s actually what forced George Papadopoulos and the racist Islamophobe Michael Flynn to make plea deals. However, Trump never cared much about them. But this just changed the equation for the people that he does actually care about.

Some worry that the Trump administration’s highest officials and the members of Trump’s evil family wouldn’t get charged and tried for their transactional crimes, but this changes the entire dynamic. Trump and his DOJ just set a precedent. Since a Senate staffer was indicted because he lied to the FBI, it means that Attorney General Jeff Sessions can also be indicted for his many lies under oath to the U.S. Senate during confirmation hearings. Donald Trump doesn’t care about Jeff Sessions. however, it also means that Trump Jr will get indicted for his lies under oath in front of the House Intel Committee.

Despite the endless evidence of Donald Trump Jr’s crimes, it was going to be hard to convict him for conspiracy against the U.S., because those charges are very qualitative. But Trump Jr will certainly go down for perjury now, because Trump Sr just made sure that perjury charges can be brought against everyone who lied to the FBI. How many other cronies close to Trump lied to the Feds and/or Congress? We have lost count. Trump just sent all of them to prison, all so he could win an irrelevant “victory” by taking down a leaker.

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