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Heading into Mid-Terms, McConnell and Ryan Just Pushed Back Hard Against Trump

Donald Trump is claiming the GOP had a great night during Tuesday’s primary elections in California. It’s unclear whether Trump lacks the intelligence to understand how the unusual primary system in California works, or if he’s lying, but the Republican Party didn’t have a particularly good night, either way. Every sign that the Blue Wave will take over by November still shows. Accordingly, Mitch McConnell and Paul are running away from Trump all of the sudden.

McConnell first sounded the alarm a few days ago by announcing he was cancelling the August recess of the Senate. It’s obvious he’s concerned the GOP will lose the majority in the Senate during the midterm elections. He’s now attempting to buy more time to finish rushing through his choices for judge positions, and he’s counting on cancelling recess to mess with the Senate Democrats’ campaign plans. McConnell clearly fears Trump’s criminal offenses and toxic unpopularity will harm the Republicans in November. Paul Ryan is going about it more directly now, though.

Paul Ryan lacks in the spine department so severely, it’s a miracle he can walk straight. Ever since Donald Trump took office, Ryan has cowered to him tepidly. Now, however, only one day after the results of the California primary produced no hope that the Republicans can fight the Blue Wave, Ryan has chosen to torpedo the last defense Trump has. Ryan has admitted the FBI’s actions during their investigation into Trump’s campaign were proper, after the President had relied heavily on the lie that the FBI was “spying” on his operation.

This happens shortly after Trey Gowdy, Republican Congressman, who has never shied away from playing dirty partisan politics, announced his belief that the FBI took proper action toward Trump ‘s campaign. But Paul Ryan backing this up is more important, because he’s the person who has let Devin Nunes, rogue Congressman, to run wild with the fake conspiracy theories Trump creates. Whatever happens next, Paul Ryan just ensured the defense that “they were spying on me” won’t work for the President. There’s a reason Republican leaders are cutting bait with Trump.

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