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Sean Hannity Just Lost Control on the Air…May Even Have Implicated Himself

Fox News host and criminal Sean Hannity is having a rough time lately. First he got exposed for secretly using Donald Trump’s “lawyer” Michael Cohen for legal advice, even as he dishonestly reported on the Trump-Cohen crimes. Then yesterday it got revealed that Sean Hannity was involved in an ugly and illegal plot between Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels’ ex-lawyer. By last night, Horrible Hannity had completely cracked. He used his evil show to urge Trump-Russia witnesses to start destroying evidence, thereby committing a felony.

Yesterday’s Michael Cohen revelation indicates that Sean Hannity will be called as a witness, in both civil and criminal court. Mere hours after Hannity was dragged into the criminal scandal, a separate report showed that after Paul Manafort’s witness tampering was caught, various Trump-Russia witnesses started voluntarily giving their phones to Special Counsel Mueller. Hannity appeared to figure out that he’d soon be asked to hand his phone over too, and that is when he snapped on his show last night.

Sean Hannity said the following on-air last night, and even said one of Donald Trump’s lies about Hillary Clinton: “Maybe Mueller’s witnesses… I don’t know. If I advised them to follow Hillary Clinton’s lead, delete all your emails, and then acid wash the emails and the hard drives on the phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer into little itsy bitsy pieces, use bleach pit, remove the SIM cards, and then take the pieces and hand it over to Robert Mueller, and say ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton, this is equal justice under the law.’”

What Sean Hannity described is a despicable felony. He’s not just showing what a hateful little man he is, he’s also actively encouraging the Trump-Russia witnesses to all commit this felony. And since he’s a witness in this scandal, Hannity can’t lie that this was only sarcasm or a stupid joke. He publicly instructed witnesses to destroy evidence which he knows could incriminate him. If Hannity was not going to be arrested and indicted before this, he sure as heck will be now.

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