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Kellyanne Just Confirmed She’s Not White House Material

Donald Trump threw the Philadelphia Eagles, the champion of the Super Bowl, a party, but most of them weren’t going to attend because the President is a racist traitor, so he banned all of them from the White House and threw himself a bash instead. Highlights featured him messing up the lyrics to God Bless America, and almost nobody showing up except his own people. Among them, Kellyanne Conway, was caught performing some particularly weird behavior throughout the party.

After Trump received criticism for “canceling” the Eagles’ event, he published a tweet lying that he had done that because he disapproved of the Eagles for kneeling while the National Anthem played. In reality, though, no player from the Eagles knelt at any moment this last season, even though many of them have publicly expressed hate for Trump because of his racism. Nonetheless, the President and his goons attempted to make the fake celebration today about “respecting the flag.” That apparently involved attacking a reporter who showed up.

Trump and his team have been calling out and attacking Jim Acosta, a reporter from CNN, since the beginning, which means Acosta must do his job particularly well. This is the Tweet Acosta posted about today’s fake party: “At the ‘Celebration of America’ event, Kellyanne Conway tried to take a video of me tweeting while folks were singing God Bless America. I guess she wanted to accuse me of being unpatriotic. But she also stopped singing too… to try to record me. So strange.”

The United States now has a fake president attempting to fake his way through a patriotic song in a fake party, even while his fake adviser attempts to falsely represent a real reporter as unpatriotic. Looks like Jim Acosta is correct: all of it is so strange.

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