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Trump Just Made Outrageous Claim and GOP Senators Retreat

Several Republican senators stated on Monday that the president can obstruct justice, contradicting a  faulty argument put forth by evil President Trump‘s dishonest legal team.
GOP Senator Pat Toomey (Pa.) said to reporters that it is “entirely possible for a president to obstruct justice.”
“I will tell you my own view is it is entirely possible for a president to obstruct justice. If a president committed perjury to lie to or mislead investigators, if he encouraged others [to], if he destroyed evidence,” Toomey explained.
While the senator from Pennsylvania declined to comment specifically on the recent memo from Trump’s attorneys, he said he could easily think “of lots of ways a president could obstruct justice.”

Several senators were quizzed about the issue once The New York Times reported about Trump’s lawyers sending a dishonest memo to special counsel Mueller in January claiming the president can’t obstructed justice since he has constitutional power over all federal probes.

The letter lies that the Constitution gives Donald Trump the broad power to, “if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon.”
Several other Republican senators mentioned that the Senate tried to convict former President Clinton for obstruction of justice during his impeachment trial.
Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), when asked if the president can obstruct justice, noted the 1999 vote, explaining, “There’s a precedent there, obviously.”
“I’ve always said I didn’t think anybody is above or below the law,” Shelby said.
Richard Shelby is one of the many GOP senators still in office that voted in 1999 that Bill Clinton was guilty for obstructing justice.
Several other current GOP senators were House members during the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal.
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is a House impeachment manager, said that obstructing justice is an impeachable crime.
“Well you can be impeached for obstructing justice, that’s what we did with Clinton. Whether or not he can be charged criminally, while he’s in office? I don’t know,” Graham answered.
Asked whether he would advise Donald Trump against obstructing justice, Lindsey Graham replied: “Number one, I advise everybody from president to the people operating the elevator, don’t obstruct justice.”
Republican senators stopped short on Monday of saying Trump lacks the legal ability to severely abuse his presidential authority to protect himself from paying for his countless crimes, but warned that such tactics would spark a political wildfire.
“I think he has pardon authority whether that includes him, I would probably agree with what Giuliani said it would be … suicide,” commented GOP Senator Richard Burr (N.C.), who is the chairman for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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