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Another Trump Wife Just Made a Big Family Decision

We still don’t know exactly why Melania Trump vanished three weeks ago, or where Melania is truly located now, or why Trump and his incompetent White House feel obligated to keep feeding us absurd lies to cover it up. It’s easy to figure out that this is Melania’s de facto way of abandoning her marriage. She isn’t the only Trump wife running away.

Even while Melania Trump has vanished into seclusion, Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr’s wife, has filed for divorce. Why? She filed the paperwork right when Robert Mueller was busy subpoenaing the records for the Trump Organization’s finance. Here’s another hint: she hired a criminal defense lawyer to handle her divorce. This is clearly related to Trump Jr’s upcoming indictment in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, and is on his way to prison. There are more examples.

Judith Giuliani filed for divorce from her husband Rudy Giuliani, with no explanation, after being married for 15 years. When did she choose to do it? Right when Rudy was jumping in as the leader of Trump’s legal defense fiasco to keep himself from heading to prison in the Trump-Russia treason scandal.

It’s not hard to deduce that Judith Giuliani and Vanessa Trump know their husbands are headed to prison and could have their assets seized, so they’re divorcing them while they can still get some money to live on. The Melania Trump scandal appears to be more complicated, but look at the pattern. Just when these guys are clearly going to be convicted of serious crimes, their spouses suddenly want them out of their lives.

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