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Trump Brothers’ Stupid Mistakes Now Coming Back to Haunt Them

Donald Trump Jr is going to be in prison for quite a while. Vanessa Trump filed to divorce him recently and got a criminal defense lawyer to take care of him. She thinks he’s going down, and his assets will be seized during the process. Just don’t tell Donald Trump Jr himself, or Eric trump, his equally idiotic brother.

A big real estate publication has revealed the Doofus Brothers have chosen to purchase a Palm Beach mansion together. They’re getting a great deal on it, probably because their aunt is selling it to them. But this isn’t what you do if you’re Donald Trump Jr fending off a long prison sentence and asset forfeitures.

This move is even dumber on Eric Trump’s part. We don’t have a clue if he’ll go to prison. He hasn’t been linked the Trump-Russia controversy, but his father and his charity scandal is a disaster, and he could possibly be caught up in the Trump Organization’s financial crimes. However, if Eric isn’t responsible for any significant crimes, going halfsies with on a new property purchase with Donald Trump Jr is a huge mistake, because the Feds won’t be seizing half the house during their take-down of Junior.

These two morons have never suffered any kind of consequences throughout their lives. Even now when Donald Trump Jr has destroyed his marriage and he’s about to lose his freedom and assets, he still doesn’t really understand what he’s about to experience. Eric Trump also fails to understand his big brother’s life is done. They’re both about to experience the shock of a lifetime.

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