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Hope Hicks Now in Danger of Prison Thanks to Donald Trump

Last summer, after we found out that Donald Trump Jr met with Russians at the Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign, the media informed us that it was Trump himself who decided on his son’s public reply to his betrayal of America. Since that time, Donald Trump has publicly lied that it’s not true. Now we’re finding out that in January, President Trump sent a secret memo to Mueller, admitting that he came up with the response, while claiming inaccurately that the president can legally obstruct justice. The problem: he may have just doomed Hope Hicks to prison by doing that.

Trump’s legal spokesperson Mark Corallo was there when Trump was conspiring with his staff on how they should obstruct justice via the Trump Jr lies. Corallo was so distressed by it, he quickly quit. He’s since testified to Robert Mueller that, among many other things, he overheard Hope Hicks telling Donald Trump that she would ensure that Trump Jr’s emails never became public. If this can be proven, it would mean that Hope Hicks committed a felony.

Hope Hicks’ best legal defense is that Trump has always publicly lied that things didn’t happen in the way Corallo described. However, now we have Donald Trump admitting via a memo that he dictated Junior’s lying response. It goes a very long way toward proving Corallo’s version of the story, and it proves Corallo’s claim that he witnessed Hicks plotting with Donald Trump to obstruct justice. Now here’s where it gets really ugly for Hicks.

Trump won’t be able to sell the lie that it’s legal to obstruct justice just because he is the illegitimate president. But even if Trump could pull that lie off, his aides are still criminals if they were plotted with him to commit felony obstruction of justice. So Donald Trump and his stupid memo may have just doomed Hope Hicks to prison.This in turn would motivate her to make a plea deal against President Trump, so it wasn’t exactly Trump’s best move.

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