Donald Trump's Just Revealed How He's Losing Badly -
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Donald Trump’s Just Revealed How He’s Losing Badly

Donald Trump attempted to make himself look powerful and authoritative when he announced yesterday that he was revoking the invitation Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles for tomorrow’s White House visit. However, as the details came out, it became obvious that Trump had lost badly before he called it off to save face. In fact it shows just how badly Trump is losing on a bigger scale.

Just as Trump announced that he was banning the whole Philadelphia Eagles team from his White House, various media outlets were reporting that most of the players were going to boycott, and that those who were expected to show up was in the single digits. NFL football teams have 53 players. This means that almost the entire team decided not to go.

Trump acknowledged this on Twitter later, saying, “Unfortunately, only a small number of players decided to come.” Even once he had admitted this, he lied that he had canceled it because he doesn’t agree with the Eagles about kneeling for the National Anthem to protest police murdering innocent black people. Of course this got exposed as a lie, since not one Eagles player took a knee during the anthem last season. This was just about the white and black Eagles players deciding together almost unanimously that Trump is such a racist piece of garbage, they didn’t want to see him.

Even as Donald Trump has tried so hard to divide America along racial lines to benefit himself, it turns out he’s actually united the players of different races on the Philadelphia Eagles to declare that they won’t abide his racism. This is another reminder that Donald Trump is losing his fight to impose white supremacism on a proudly multicultural America.

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