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Why it’s the ‘End of Time’ for Donald Trump’s Presidency

What would you choose to do if you were the President, and the ceiling was caving in above you, and you truly knew that there was not any way to stop your downfall? Maybe you’d choose to do everything with dignity toward the end, so history might not remember you all that negatively, despite your ouster. However, if you’re Donald Trump, that’s not how it would go.

Trump was hit hard by Trey Gowdy smashing the “there was a spy put in my campaign” lie, even while Michael Cohen said in court that he has been recording the (presumably incriminating) he’s had with Trump for the past few years. So yeah, Donald Trump is still making a few distractions, because at this point, nothing can hurt him any further. But it’s Trump’s other evil actions today which give away his demonic mindset.

Donald Trump recently pardoned Dinesh D’Souza, who is President Obama’s most insanely vicious and demented detractors. This pardon looks like nothing more than a middle finger at Obama. But Donald Trump is talking about pardoning his previous Apprentice partner Martha Stewart, and he had a falling out with her a long time ago, as well as Rod Blagojevich, a former Democratic Governor whom Trump doesn’t care about. There’s a reason for all of this, and it involves the crimes they have committed.

D’Souza was caught making campaign finance violations. Trump’s hush money payoffs mean he faces possible charges of campaign finance violations. Martha Stewart got convicted for her personal financial crimes. Donald Trump committed many financial crimes. Blagojevich got convicted for taking monetary bribes while in office. Donald Trump did the same. All these pardons don’t constitute legal precedent for Donald Trump getting away with anything. But they do help Trump tell himself that these things aren’t truly crimes. Deep down, Trump knows he’s going down for his evils. This is about rewriting history in his own head, so that he can pretend that he has been unfairly persecuted after they close his prison cell door on him.

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