Roger Stone is Heading Toward Total Destruction of Donald Trump -
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Roger Stone is Heading Toward Total Destruction of Donald Trump

Roger Stone is such a ridiculous villain that he recently threatened to kill a possible witness against him and steal his dog. He’s falling apart at an increasing rate, and he made the stupid and sloppy mistake of putting threats in writing, so they can easily be used as evidence against him. But this kind of idiotic villainy is hardly new for Roger Stone. He’s been doing crazy things like that for nearly his whole life. Yet he has always managed to make it through troubles virtually unscathed, and that’s for an important reason. And that reason is very bad news for President Trump.

Cretins such as Stone survive because they know whom to push under the bus and when to do it. They make sure that others, above or below them, get the consequences for their evil actions. It’s why Roger Stone didn’t go to prison back when he was close to the bottom in the Watergate hierarchy while working for Nixon in the 70’s. It’s why Roger Stone wasn’t among the first criminals to take the fall for the Trump-Russia treason scandal, back when he was a loose cannon campaign adviser and answered to no one but Donald Trump.

However, Roger Stone will soon be arrested. He said on Meet The Press recently that eight of his associates had been brought in to testify against his evil ass before a Mueller grand jury. Roger Stone is smart enough to understand that when witnesses are stacked so heavily against you, there’s no chance of winning at trial. Stone knows that, and whether he wants to or not, the only way to not spend life in prison is to testify against Donald Trump – and since he is a skilled survivor, he definitely will.

So what does Stone know about Trump? Well, almost everything. The probes into Trump’s scandals show that he’s very loose lipped around people he thinks that he can trust. Roger Stone is a lifelong friend of Trump’s. He knows almost every one of Donald Trump’s professional, political, financial, and even his personal dirty secrets. Roger Stone will tell investigators anything they want to spend a few years in prison rather than the rest of his life.

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