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Why Jeff Sessions Will Throw Donald Trump Under the Bus

For over a year, ever since Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, backed out of the Trump-Russia investigation, everyone’s been anticipating the inevitable consequences. Sessions committed perjury by lying under oath to the Senate about his own meetings with Russia, so Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, could arrest him at any point, but it would make it easier for Trump to terminate Mueller. So we’ve been wondering when, and how, Sessions’ part in the scandal would be revealed in the end. It appears answers are near.

The New York Times ran a story this evening summarizing the many angry rants and raves the President has displayed this past year over Sessions’ recusal. While the story does have some new inside details, it’s nothing new, for the most part. However, they’re reporting it like a major breaking story. This has happened before, and the meaning is clear.

Big news organizations, especially newspapers, publish lengthy recaps like this when they’ve discovered a dormant player like Sessions is about to be thrown back into the middle of the scandal. What is coming, exactly? No one knows for certain. However, the Times report keeps insisting that Sessions is a major “witness” against Trump, although the article contains nothing which suggests Sessions has really testified against Trump or anybody else.

The most likely situation is that a competing news source is writing a breaking story saying Jeff Sessions has testified against the President, or has been subpoenaed to testify, or has taken a plea deal from Mueller, or something similar. Even though the meaning of this is unclear, big newspapers have done this enough times for us to know something related to Sessions is about to happen.

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