Melania Trump’s Vanishing Act Keeps Getting Weirder -
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Melania Trump’s Vanishing Act Keeps Getting Weirder

There are bigger and more important issues going on than Melania Trump’s disappearance and the implosion her marriage to President Trump. For instance, Trump’s administration recently admitted that it “lost” about 1500 Mexican immigrant children that it immorally took away from their families, and it hasn’t since said a single word about where those children are. But on a very different scale, and for very different reasons, the Melania Trump story matters too. Her vanishing act keeps getting stranger.

It turns out that Melania Trump’s allies are getting extremely defensive when they can’t explain where she’s hiding out, or why she’s disappeared. For instance, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham started dishonestly attacking April Ryan, a respected White House correspondent, via Twitter for no logical reason. As the White House keeps failing to explain what’s going on with Melania or why she left, and while the media and public search for clues, it’s led to plenty of punchlines, and some eccentric explanations.

The jokes write themselves. Melania disappeared from public view at the same time a sinkhole appeared outside the White House (seriously), and now there’s a widespread joke that Melania Trump was digging herself a tunnel to freedom. There were also some bad guesses about where she might be. For instance, many people on Twitter mentioned yesterday that Melania’s verified @MelaniaTrump account currently lists her location as being “New York City,” which some interpret as a sign that Melania had moved back there.

She could be in New York for all we know, but she stopped using the @MelaniaTrump account after she got the @FLOTUS account. We checked on, and yes, @MelaniaTrump has marked Melania in New York City for years now. However, this confusion shows the increasing level of curiosity regarding the fact that America’s “First Lady” has not been seen by the public in two weeks, even while Donald Trump and his incompetent White House continue to act increasingly dishonest and defensive about her unexplained absence.

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