Melania Trump's Strange Disappearance Takes Wild Turn -
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Melania Trump’s Strange Disappearance Takes Wild Turn

During Melania Trump’s disappearance over the last two weeks, Donald Trump and his evil White House have been making up increasingly absurd lies to cover up the true reason she’s gone. Now information is leaking out from people close to Melania. The news isn’t good.

It’s been obvious from the beginning that something wasn’t quite right. The White House stated in advance that Melania would be hospitalized for several days for a kidney operation that doesn’t usually require such a long stay. Then the White House refused last weekend to answer reporters’ questions regarding whether Melania was still staying in the hospital. Early in the week Trump claimed on Twitter that his wife Melania (or “Melanie” as the senile fool called her) had returned to the White House. Then he lied to a group of reporters yesterday that Melania was actually staring at them from a window in the White House, and those reporters have confirmed that Melania wasn’t actually in the window. But it gets weirder.

Here’s what  a person close to Melania has told Hollywood Life, an entertainment publication: “It’s been a hideously stressful past few months, and Melania needs a break out of the media glare to recharge her batteries and take stock.” Hold up. This confirms there was never a kidney problem; and this is some type of mental health vacation. It’s been fairly clear from the beginning that this was a mental health problem, and now one of Melania’s friends is admitting it.

It’s really the “take stock” part which piques our curiosity. Maybe you see Melania as a helpless victim of Trump’s monstrousness. Perhaps you see her as being complicit in his horrible godless crimes. That’s your prerogative. However, when an illegitimate president is falling apart because of the criminal scandals which are taking down almost every single person around him, while his wife is saying that she needs to “take stock,” that sounds like she’s thinking about leaving him. A divorce is the last thing that Donald Trump needs at this time, and it negatively impacts his ability to avoid punishment for his treasonous crimes.

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