Brian Stelter of CNN : Trump's 'Problem' is 'Damaging the Country' -
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Brian Stelter of CNN : Trump’s ‘Problem’ is ‘Damaging the Country’

Brian Stelter, host of CNN, criticized Donald Trump on Sunday, calling him a well-documented liar.

On Stelter’s show, “Reliable Sources,” he said, “President Trump is the leader of the United States. He is also a liar.”

“This has been well-documented. Lying was a big part of his business strategy — he called it ‘truthful hyperbole.’ Now, as commander in chief, he misleads the public constantly.”

Stelter talked about the public criticism of news outlets refusing to characterize Trump as a “liar” or say the word “lie” to describe his lies.

“I understand why many of you want news outlets to use the ‘L-word,’ ‘lie,’ more often. You want us to affirm what we all see: that Trump has a truth problem,” Stelter said. “You [the public] want us to recognize that it’s damaging the country and you want us to rethink how we do our jobs as a result.”

Stelter continued, questioning if reporters should read Trump’s Tweets out loud — something anchor of MSNBC Nicolle Wallace quit doing on Friday during a report.

“I’m not reading any more of this,” Wallace chuckled. “These are boldface lies and as his audacity and his sort of fantasies expand, I wonder what role you think the truth plays in this for any of them.”

Wallace had been reading some of the President’s Tweets in which he again accused the FBI of planting a spy in his campaign, suggesting it improperly monitored his team before starting its investigation into the Trump-Russia conspiracy of 2016’s election.

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