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FBI Just Connected the Kremlin to Trump Jr.

Last week the Republican leaders of the Senate started being squeamish about the Trump-Russia scandal, especially with regard to Trump Jr’s role. I wondered what they could possibly know that would make them so desperate to dissociate themselves from Trump. We just found out.

The Spanish police have been wiretapping Russian politician Alexander Torshin for a while, and they gave these wiretaps to the FBI recently. The problem for Donald Trump Jr: he actually met with Torshin. The Spanish police sum it up nicely: “Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned.” All right, Trump Jr is a criminal. Big surprise. How does this involve the Senate?

Just last week, following months of stalling, the Senate Judiciary Committee, controlled by Republicans, abruptly released transcripts from last year’s testimony given by Donald Trump Jr. It was strange that the GOP Senate had suddenly chosen to stop protecting Trump Jr, and was attempting to wash their hands of him. Then, three days ago, Democratic Senator Chris Coons announced that Trump Jr likely committed perjury.

It’s not hard to see what’s going on here. The FBI (and therefore Robert Mueller) recently obtained these tapes that show that Trump Jr was conspiring far more deeply with Russia than a one time meeting held at Trump Tower. The Senate leaders would have been aware of this wiretaps evidence long before the public, which helps explain why the Republican Senate leadership suddenly chose last week to huck Trump Jr under a bus while it still had the chance. This story is developing. Watch for more damning evidence against the president’s criminal soon to be revealed.

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