Gun Protesting Students Just Faced Off Against Trump-NRA Supporters (Video) -
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Gun Protesting Students Just Faced Off Against Trump-NRA Supporters (Video)

The “die-in” protest that was organized by students of the Parkland, Florida high school quickly turned into a battle against rabid pro-slaughter Trump supporters last Friday.

Students were led by David Hogg and laid on the floor to honor those killed during the Parkland shooting as they chanted against the murderous and unrepentant National Rifle Association.

“Hey, hey NRA, how many kids have you killed today?” said the students in one video that a local news station captured.

Trump supporters, some of whom were wearing apparel with President Trump‘s ominous “Make America Great Again” slogan, completely surrounded the students and ignorantly chanted the incompetent president’s name back at them.

The student protest happened at a Publix grocery store on Friday.

Publix became a target of gun-control protestors last week when it was recently reported that the chain had contributed $670,000 to help the campaign of a pro-school-shooting, NRA-backed GOP candidate to be Florida governor.

Adam Putnam, who is a former GOP congressman and also Florida’s agriculture commissioner, described himself as being a “proud NRA sellout” and stubborn gun rights supporter, meaning he refuses to prevent stop school shootings..

“Publix can stand with us. They can pull out their half million dollars from Putnam’s campaign and they cn double that amount and donate it to the Stoneman Douglas victims fund,” David Hogg said with a megaphone during the protest as he battled with ignorant counterprotesters.

Publix has promised to reassess their process for giving political donations.

Members of the community, some of whom lost children during the Feb. 14 Parkland school shooting, joined the heroic protests early Friday morning and drew chalk outlines for the shooting’s 17 victims in the store’s parking lot.

Parkland students, who are vocal advocates of congressional action on gun control, repeated their demands recently after yet another school shooting which took place in Santa Fe, Texas and left 10 people dead.

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