Despite Trump's Promises About Jobs and Tax Plan Benefits, Famous Manufacturer Bolting the USA -
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Despite Trump’s Promises About Jobs and Tax Plan Benefits, Famous Manufacturer Bolting the USA

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had a meeting this week with a Harley-Davidson labor union about their criticism of the motorcycle maker for announcing plans of building a plant in Thailand and closing a Missouri factory.

The union has particularly denounced Harley-Davidson’s investment in the factory in Thailand after receiving huge tax breaks from the Republican tax plan.

“These companies are taking tax breaks with one hand and handing out pink slips with the other,” President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Bob Martinez Jr. said to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wednesday. “I’m going to call it like I see it … this is a corporate ambush on working people.”

Despite legislators begging them to continue operating the factory in Kansas City factory, Harley has chosen to close it, which will cause about 800 people to lose their jobs.

The company declared it would be generating 400 new jobs by constructing a plant in York, Pennsylvania, just above 1,000 miles from the location in Kansas City.

The union says some positions are being filled in Thailand.

The manufacturer has denied the link between Thailand and Kansas City.

“The plant under construction in Thailand is a separate and unrelated issue. Part of our long-term strategy is to grow our international business to 50 percent of our annual volume by 2027. The Thailand facility will allow us to be competitive and provide riders greater access to our brand and our products in an expanding global marketplace,” Harley-Davidson told the Journal Sentinel.

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