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Oops…Mike Pence Just Showed His Fear in NBC Interview

While Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, meticulously hacks away at President Donald Trump and his criminal minions, Mike Pence has been laying low and staying out of everything – until now. All of the sudden Pence gave NBC an interview and demanded Mueller to “wrap it up” soon. This move is the riskiest and  most reckless that Pence has made. Despite being an ideological extremist, he prefers playing things like these with caution – so he has a specific reason for doing this now.

To show the risk Mike Pence took with this move, he’s already receiving demands from Morning Joe Scarborough, MSNBC host, for information about Pence’s secrets and when he found them out. In spite of Pence’s deceitful attempt to hide Trump’s Russia scandal, and how obvious Pence’s knowledge of the controversy has been from the beginning, until now, the media has let him get away with it. He must have understood the instant target he’d become by making that statement. Well, why now?

You must begin by looking at this week and what has happened with the Trump-Russia controversy. The biggest bombshell, by far, was the revelation that everybody from a Kremlin oligarch to AT&T was stuffing Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen’s pockets with cash, in hopes of influencing the President. Obviously the word got out that Trump was selling out his administration to anybody with a monetary bribe, so it’s safe to assume some entities attempted to buy off Pence, too. After all, Mike Pence is the guy that understands policy and has helped lead the Republican Congress to its scarce legislative victories.

To be clear, no known evidence exists of Mike Pence actually accepting bribes. However, this week, something scared him into finally taking the extraordinary risk of speaking against Robert Mueller, knowing he would end up in the crosshairs of the media. We now know what to look for: evidence that anybody along the range of powerful United States corporations to the Kremlin might have been bribing Pence. If that wasn’t the spook, something else was. All things considered, Pence just showed us he now expects to go down because of Mueller’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal.

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