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Other People Actually Go to Prison for This Stuff

For some significant time now, there has been no questioning if Donald Trump will be kicked out of office because it’s become painfully obvious. How and when they’ll oust him are the only true unknowns. I’ve been feeling that after being impeached, Trump will be thrown in prison, but not all have supported that prediction. After the bombshells from yesterday, however, Trump’s odds of becoming a prisoner just skyrocketed.

 Because it hasn’t happened before, it is hard to pinpoint the threshold for a President of the United States serving prison time. Although Bill Clinton technically committed obstruction of justice and perjury, he was not sent to prison because the majority of the people ultimately viewed the lies about his sex life as harmless. George W. Bush did not receive a prison sentence after committing war crimes in Iraq, although he deserved to, simply because no system exists for the trial of a president with policies which include crimes. If Richard Nixon had not been pardoned for Watergate, he would have been sent to prison. But federal pardons can’t rescue Donald Trump because his legal jeopardy involves crimes at state level crimes.

Nixon was special because he committed crimes to try and alter the results of an election and committed more in an attempt to hide it. These were not policy crimes committed by an off-the-rails politician. Nixon was running around demanding burglaries, the class of crimes committed by average Americans sent to prison. Clearly, burglary is an understood precedent along with being on the take.

 Trump became the worst criminal in U.S. history after conspiring  to rig the election with the Russian government; he did all of what Nixon did, adding treason. But, because it’s so complicated, average citizens have struggled to comprehend the crime. Exposing the majority of Trump’s campaign staff for colluding with Russia the whole time has been a long battle. Furthermore, without catching Trump and Putin on tape discussing their plans to rig everything, even legally proving Trump’s guilt might not be understood clearly by the public.
So it’s significant that since Donald Trump became President, his minion Michael Cohen has been on the take for him. Michael Avenatti exposed Cohen for receiving funds from the Kremlin, which influences Trump, and AT&T, which now says it was attempting to gain control over Trump. This is like a security guard accepting a bribe from thief who wants to access a vault, an obvious crime, what people rot in prison for. It’s the type of act Donald Trump will soon be in prison for.

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