Jeff Sessions Just Sold Out His Boss Donald...Here Comes an Angry Tweet -
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Jeff Sessions Just Sold Out His Boss Donald…Here Comes an Angry Tweet

One could say that Jeff Sessions betrayed Donald Trump the second that he recused himself from the Trump-Russia election rigging probe, thus leaving Donald Trump exposed to a real investigation that would ultimately dredge up all one of his despicable crimes. But if ever there was doubt about which side Jeff Sessions was really on (hint: his own), there is now no longer doubt, as Sessions has chosen to sell out Donald Trump at his most vulnerable time.

Donald Trump’s many desperation ploys have all failed, from the idiotic Nunes memo to his imaginary conspiracies about the FBI. He’s reduced to leaning on his few remaining Republican friends in the House, who are all trying to force the Department of Justice into revealing relevant evidence in the Trump-Russia treason investigation to them. Now Trump’s criminal co-conspirator, crooked Congressman Devin Nunes, is even threatening to do damage to Jeff Sessions if he doesn’t hand over the evidence.

But Jeff Sessions has made it clear that he will never do it. Why not? He’s already in enough trouble in the Trump-Russia treason scandal that he will end up having to make a plea deal to avoid jail time. He’s presumably fearful of digging a deeper hole for himself by handing over evidence against Donald Trump to Trump’s co-conspirators, which constitutes felony obstruction of justice. Luckily for Sessions, and unluckily for Trump, there don’t seem to be enough House Republicans helping with Trump’s latest dirty scheme to force Jeff Sessions’ hand.

Unless something unexpected happens, like Donald Trump’s allies heading to court and somehow finding a judge who will order Jeff Sessions to give them the evidence in question, the moral of the story is that Sessions has sold Donald Trump out, and Trump’s newest desperate move has failed.

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