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Melania Trump Just Mad a Fool of Herself…Again!

Nearly two years ago, most of the nation was initially introduced to Melania Trump by her remarks during the Republican National Convention. That soon became a disaster when we quickly learned that large pieces of her speech were plagiarized from an earlier Michelle Obama speech.

This came to mind two days ago when the First Lady revealed her awkwardly named “Be Best” campaign, that was accompanied by materials that are intended to help protect kids when they’re online. Although the information was given as if it had been prepared by Melania Trump herself, it wasn’t.

On Monday, Melania Trump formally announced the launch of an anti-cyberbullying initiative. As part of that initiative, the White House released a booklet that, in the words of Melania’s signed introduction, is intended to “help kids act thoughtfully and kindly” online. And, as BuzzFeed News’ Ryan Mac points out, it appears that the booklet was almost completely copied from a document released by the Federal Trade Commission in 2014.

The new materials merely updated the icon of the smart phone, and had a new intro from the First Lady, but otherwise, it was all simply copied and pasted.

That means Melania Trump, who doesn’t enter the public eye often, is now the focus of another embarrassment.

It’s easy to overlook this debacle as a minor story. Some people in the White House thought they could present others’ work as their own and they assumed they would not get caught. Even if this foolishness disappears from our memories soon, those aides were wrong.

The problem is that we’re presented almost every day with evidence of complete White House incompetence.


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