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Dictator Kim Jong Un is Already Playing Games with Trump, and the Meeting Place was Just Announced

When Donald Trump announced recently that he had magically fixed every issue between the US and North Korea, and he was going to meet with his new friend Kim Jong Un for some friendly negotiations, it just didn’t sound right. It was much too easy of a win for bumbling and incompetent President Trump, who still has zero knowledge about foreign policy, and so loses every time he attempts to do it himself. Now, North Korea is already messing with Trump.

Donald Trump has made it obvious that he’s okay with giving away the store to dictator Kim Jong Un, just so that he can pretend he scored an international victory for once in his pathetic political career. The politically crippled Donald Trump doesn’t care about how bad of a bargain he makes with North Korea, as long as he can make a deal; all this egomaniac cares about is taking credit for it back in America. But North Korea is making a point already of publicly insisting that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve the credit for any of this.

A spokesperson for DPRK dictator Kim Jong Un has announced that Trump is “misleading public opinion” with his taking credit for the recent progress in the relations between North and South Korea, officially saying, “This act cannot be construed otherwise than a dangerous attempt to ruin the hardly-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one.” So why is Kim already screwing with Trump?

It may be that the Koreans, North and South, are starting to get along on their own and recognize the need for a real peace. Or maybe Kim Jong Un just enjoys causing trouble, and he’s savvy enough to realize that Trump is weak, vulnerable, and not intelligent enough to be a world leader. Is Kim putting things in motion so he can ultimately make Trump look foolish, so he can get credit for humiliating the illegitimate President of the United States? Even as everything goes wrong for Donald Trump, he keeps claiming that North Korea will be his salvation. It seems like it could be his biggest mistake so far.

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