Rudy Giuliani Will Likely Hear Famous Words from Boss Trump Very Soon...and for Crazy Reason -
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Rudy Giuliani Will Likely Hear Famous Words from Boss Trump Very Soon…and for Crazy Reason

After Rudy Giuliani took credit yesterday for convincing Donald Trump to stay silent on Twitter to prevent ruining Rudy’s strategy of attacking the media, it became clear this morning that trouble was boiling when Trump reignited his release of revenge Tweets. Of course, now Trump has expressed his strong disapproval of the way Giuliani has handled things, and plans on firing him.

It is important to remember the countless times that Trump has mentioned firing someone to the media and how, in most cases, he either whines for months about it before doing anything or he never ends up actually terminating them. Trump’s aide’s claim he’s planning to fire Giuliani, according to a Politico report released this afternoon. Take this with a grain of salt, not out of doubt for Politico, but knowing how Trump fails to honor his “plans.” Nevertheless, this gives us clues as to what we have really been watching throughout this last week.

 Now we can eliminate the idea that Trump and Rudy concocted some evil genius scheme that only they can understand. Rudy has represented Trump terribly. He has not only managed to incriminate Trump legally, he’s also completely guilty in the public opinion, and it has placed additional scrutiny on a serious scandal that Donald Trump was hoping would disappear. The real question is whether Rudy Giuliani has been deliberately sabotaging Trump because he wants to  speed up Trump’s demise, or simply due to being too bonkers to comprehend the damage he has done. There’s also one more question.

We know that Trump soured six days ago on Giuliani’s strategy of confusingly confessing to everything. Why didn’t he fire him then? Why wait to rein Rudy in until now? It makes you wonder whether Trump is talking about firing Rudy Giuliani now, not because he’s acting like the world’s worst lawyer, but because Trump doesn’t appreciate all the attention that Rudy got during yesterday’s Sunday morning talk show tour. Or perhaps Trump just can’t handle that Giuliani was played by a woman this weekend on SNL .

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