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Trump Shocked into Silence by Mueller’s Latest Big Move

It’s exceedingly unusual for Donald Trump to pass on his traditional late night Twitter meltdown. When it does happen, it’s more rare that he won’t attempt to make up for the silence with a massive midday tweet explosion. So Donald Trump’s absence on Twitter today, which now goes back twenty hours besides a single “Thank you Cleveland” tweet which was done by his staff, is important. It typically means that something stunned him into frightened silence. This comes following Robert Mueller’s big move that hits close to home.

Wealthy businessman Tom Barrack is by far the closest thing that Trump has to a true friend. Barrack’s been an influential informal adviser to President Trump throughout his unfortunate foray into politics, and he is in position to know about all of his dirty political secrets. Think about just how loose lipped Trump is in public, and then multiply that several times when he’s in private with those he trusts, and you will get an idea of how much Tom Barrack knows about Trump’s evil activities.

So it is a big deal that Robert Mueller just interviewed Barrack, as reported by the Associated Press. It is an even bigger issue for Trump that Mueller’s questions to Barrack focused almost entirely on Paul Manafort’s illegal coordination with Russia for the campaign, and money issues involving the campaign. Tom Barrack is a highly successful businessman with no criminal record of any kind. So even if he really does have loyalty to Donald Trump, he still wouldn’t be stupid enough to lie to Mueller for the sake of a monster like Trump.

Robert Mueller probably just got his best cooperating witness so far when it comes to Trump and his crooked campaign conspiring with Russia in order to rig the 2016 election. Mueller may also be investigating how the Donald Trump campaign got so much money from Russia or via other illegal tactics. No wonder Trump is stunned into silence. He will eventually snap out of that though, and start tweeting again. However, it’s pretty clear that Trump is afraid of what Barrack just told Mueller.

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