Trump’s Bold Fresh Attempt at Treason with Russia -
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Trump’s Bold Fresh Attempt at Treason with Russia

Of all the ways that Donald Trump signals that he’s about to lie – “believe me” and “I’ve heard” or just opening his mouth – Trump’s favorite go-to lie is “I’m the most…” followed by an easily disprovable claim. One especially outrageous statement is him saying that he’s been the toughest president on Russia. Despite an almost unanimous, veto-proof law sanctioning Russia for its illegal interference in the 2016 election, Trump took months to even start to implement the sanctions. When the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley declared that America would put more sanctions on Russia for the role it played in Syrian chemical weapons attacks, Donald Trump walked it back by saying that she was “confused”.


Based on Donald Trump’s record of doing everything he possibly can to appease Vladimir Putin, it isn’t shocking to learn that Trump has snuck a “special rule” into the yearly defense policy bill which would let the Trump administration waive certain sanctions on American allies that purchase weapons from Russia.


With the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump’s treasonous conspiracy with Russia against America closing in on Donald Trump and his evil inner circle, it seems that his game plan is to keep up his smear campaign against American patriots in the unrealistic hope of convincing his shrinking base that the DOJ and FBI shouldn’t be trusted. Despite President Trump and many Fox News hosts endlessly lying about the truth, it is very clear that Trump is attempting to pretend to be hard on Russia while he is doing everything he can to not upset the Russian dictator.


This recent try to bypass Russian sanctions, that will certainly make Puppetmaster Putin happy, was only recently found during a Democratic review of the law. While Donald Trump has always lived a life of crime, and he has for the most part never been punished, he underestimated the resolve of the American people and real patriots when it comes to letting a traitor continue selling out the United States. Trump will soon go to prison.

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