Donald Trump Just Proved Himself to Be the Quitter We All Expected -
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Donald Trump Just Proved Himself to Be the Quitter We All Expected

Donald Trump is a loser. I wish it were possible to describe the President’s current presentation of himself more eloquently, but alas, all I can do is use one of his countless infamous insults against him. Trump is now fighting for his life. Well, he at least should be. Each piece of him – his “presidency,” future, family, and freedom – is at risk. His response to the crisis is… telling.

The President’s pawns, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Rudy Giuliani, are publicly pushing hilariously contradictory stories based on his lies. Attempting to lie yourself out of criminal scandals is one thing. Throwing your unarmed loyalists under the bus and forcing them to fight for you is another. Not only has Trump failed the test of morality; he’s also flunking the evil leader test. Well where is Trump?

Nobody has an idea. Trump has not posted on Twitter for almost two days. Now that he’s gotten himself into so much trouble, the bigmouth bully doesn’t have a thing to say all of the sudden. He’s given up on fending off his scandals and left it up to the sycophants who have yet to figure out they would fare better by giving up on him. Of course, the remainder of Donald Trump’s surrogates are failing miserably at defending him. Not only because they’re morons, but also because they no longer have a clue of what Trump wants them to say.

What could be next? Donald Trump has successfully secured his status as a whiner incapable of taking the heat. Now, as the temperature really rises, the crybaby quitter is left unable to speak. We will see if he’ll eventually spring back to life in a new whiny Tweeting session, or if he’ll keep sitting and sulking silently while all the things he’s stolen get confiscated.

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