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GOP Expectations for 2018 are Now Taking an Nasty Hit

In the months before the midterm elections in November, there is a huge difference between the talking points for the Republicans and the Democrats. The main platform the GOP is running on is the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, as much of their rhetoric involves attacking her, mainly because Republicans have nothing to offer non-millionaire Americans. The other big policy being pushed by the Republican campaigns is the evil GOP tax bill that was passed into law in late 2017. The bill sends $1.5 trillion straight to the richest Americans and corporations and it’s all taken from working families and the coming generations, and most voters are against it.

During his latest unhinged rallies, Donald Trump was quite vocal about his justified fear of impeachment when Democrats inevitably take the majority in the House. While one shouldn’t become complacent and assume things will go well, Trump has a lot of reasons to be scared. Plans to campaign using the tax bill as a supposed “job well done” might not be good for the GOP, but the GOP exists primarily for the sake of pleasing their corporate overlords and brainwashing Americans into handing control of their lives to greedy rich people, so they’ll take the hit. But even Trump loyalists have admitted their true feelings about this disastrous bill, so it’s going to be a big hit.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is openly admitting that the huge wealth transfer from workers to elites will not help the middle class at all. Even though the corporate puppet voted for the bill, Rubio said “there’s no evidence whatsoever that money’s been massively poured back into the American worker.”

Tom Price, Trump’s ex-Health and Human Services Secretary just confessed that the tax scam bill, which got rid of the individual mandate within the Affordable Care Act, was a terrible idea which will cause health care costs to increase dramatically for anyone in the individual insurance marketplace. Although the Democrats will need to push hard with their talking points to make sure voters come out to vote, Trump and the evil Republicans are doing the same thing, but with the opposite reaction than the one they hoped for. I can’t wait for Republicans to lose the House, possibly the Senate, and definitely their incompetent president.

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