Trump’s Obama Obsession is Going to Cost Americans Dearly -
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Trump’s Obama Obsession is Going to Cost Americans Dearly

Donald Trump wants to go back on the Iran deal to get revenge on President Barack Obama. However, doing so would make gas prices skyrocket, hurting hardworking Americans across the nation.

Traitor Trump is fighting to modify U.S. policy in ways which would create a surge in fuel prices and danger across the globe.

Trump has constantly complained over the years about Barack Obama securing the Iran nuclear deal. The orange racist has recently been implying that he plans on cancelling the deal.

This inconsiderate mistake would screw Americans immediately by raising gas prices just in time for summer’s travel season.

“Gas prices nationally would rise to over $3 a gallon if Trump places wide-ranging sanctions on Iran,” GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan warned Vox,

Fuel prices have already increased since Trump stole the office.

Gas prices have risen from a $2.40/gallon national average to $2.83/gallon, the highest in almost three years.

Oil analyst for PVM Oil Associates Stephen Brennock dubbed this a “Trump torpedo” headed for oil prices.

Each day, the United States receives a million barrels of unrefined oil from Iran. Reimposing sanctions and killing the deal would cut that supply off.

International observers have confirmed Iran’s commitment to the agreement’s terms, which inhibit them from developing nuclear weapons capable of destroying cities and killing millions worldwide.

But because Dummy Donald is so obsessed with Barack Obama and reversing the progress of the Obama administration, he continues to attack the agreement.

Traitor Trump couldn’t care less about the devastating impact of his arrogant actions. The fallout will permeate the country, as it did after he imposed tariffs on imported goods.

Donald Trump considers Barack Obama’s Iran deal an achievement he must undo. The orange president disregards the destructive consequences the undoing of the Iran deal would have on tens of millions of American drivers and he also plays down the dangerous possibility of a nuclear Iran.

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