Trump Just Threw Huckabee Sanders Completely Under The Bus -
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Trump Just Threw Huckabee Sanders Completely Under The Bus

Just like comedian Michelle Wolf hilariously articulated this week, the real duty of White House Press Secretary and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is to ascend to the press briefing podium every single day and lie for Donald Trump. However, Huckabee Sanders only can fib successfully if she has some idea of the truth to begin with, and can prevent herself from screwing up. Recently, it turned out that Trump completely threw Huckabee Sanders under the bus in regard to the payoff of Michael Cohen.

Two months back, Sarah Huckabee Sanders misled that Trump knew nothing about Michael Cohen reimbursing Stormy Daniels $130,000. But then, Rudy Guiliani, the “President’s” new lawyer, admitted to Fox News that Trump was aware of the bribe, and he did in fact compensate Cohen for it. The hilarious part: somebody forgot to tell  Huckabee Sanders about the shift in the story line.

 Huckabee Sanders approached the press podium with no idea how to spin this story change, and she was compelled to admit that Trump misled her. This event further decimated the speck of credibility that some naive citizens may have given her. There’s not much worse than having to back up on a public statement because your arrogant boss misled you.
Of course, Trump given enough time, will eventually screw all his supporters and friends while attempting to protect number one. Just ask Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, , and the dozens of others who have been laid it on the line for Mister Trump. Huckabee has actually ruined her life lying for Trump on a daily basis, and now he’s paying back that loyalty by asking her to go out unprepared and spin a lie that he’d originally told her.

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