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Rudy Giuliani Just Gave Away His Strategy

Over the last two weeks we have watched Trump’s new “lawyer” Rudy Giuliani first try to feed Trump to the lions by encouraging him to have an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, then actually feeding him to the lions by appearing on Fox News and admitting that Donald Trump committed several felonies. Now Rudy has revealed his true game plan for Trump.

When the news came out this afternoon that the FBI have been listening to Michael Cohen’s phone calls, Giuliani said to The Hill that he thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions should investigate the Feds investigating Cohen. Sessions has shown that he isn’t willing to put himself at risk for Trump, so this won’t go anywhere. But it’s exactly the kind of nonsense that impresses President Idiot.

So now we all know how Giuliani is convincing Donald Trump to let him ruin Trump’s legal defense. Even as Rudy Giuliani is causing Trump to be in deeper legal jeopardy, he’s also saying the sort of stupid chest-beating things that keep Trump satisfied that the train wreck will somehow go in the right direction, which is delusional.

This calls into question yet again whether Donald Trump is cognitively competent enough to understand what’s happening to him and all of his allies. Every political pundit and anyone who knows law can see that Giuliani, who has an accomplished legal background and knows how these things work, is trying to sabotage what is left of Trump’s terrible presidency. The only person who can’t see this is Trump. Why is Giuliani doing this? We don’t know, but one can hope that it’s because he knows Trump needs to go down and is a danger to everyone, including the Republican party. But there’s no question anymore that he’s walking Trump off a cliff.

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