The Real Story of Why Donald Trump’s Lead Attorney Fled the White House -
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The Real Story of Why Donald Trump’s Lead Attorney Fled the White House

Yet another member on Donald Trump’s legal defense squad in the Trump-Russia treason scandal has resigned, and now the stakes are much higher – and far more dire. Ty Cobb looks like a barkeeper in the Old West, but he was the least incompetent attorney on Trump’s team. He quit yesterday, amid reports that Donald Trump has hired impeachment attorney Emmet Flood. But Cobb’s resignation may not be what it appears, because Cobb is going to become Mueller’s star witness.

Trump tried to save money by putting Cobb on the White House payroll. However, that means that Cobb was never directly representing him, so there’s no attorney-client privilege Cobb surely warned Idiot Trump that he would have to snitch on Trump if he confessed to any crimes. But Trump tends to  run his mouth recklessly, Cobb surely knows about many of Trump’s evil secrets by now.

Cobb is now legally compelled to inform Robert Mueller about every single conversation he had with Trump. But it gets worse for our evil “president”. Because Cobb wasn’t actually Trump’s lawyer, Trump lost his attorney-client privilege with any of his “real” lawyers every time Cobb was in the room. Cobb has to testify about everything he heard Traitor Trump confess to his attorneys.

It’s no coincidence that Ty Cobb is quitting immediately after Mueller’s interview questions for Trump leaked. Cobb must have took one look at the nearly 50 questions and realized that he is now a relevant witness, and he resigned due to a conflict of interest. We suspect that Flood took the job yesterday, after he turned it down last month, because of concerns about what it might mean for the country if Trump were left with literally no legal representation.

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