Donald Trump’s New Attorney Hire Blows Up in His Face Immediately -
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Donald Trump’s New Attorney Hire Blows Up in His Face Immediately

At the same time that Ty Cobb announced his resignation from Donald Trump’s legal team for the Russia scandal today, Traitor Trump announced that he had hired a new lawyer, Emmet Flood. This may have been an intelligent move, since Flood is capable and highly respected, if it wasn’t for Trump immediately blowing it.

Ty Cobb was never Donald Trump’s lawyer. Trump decided to save money by putting him onto the White House payroll, so Cobb represented the White House rather than Trump. This meant that Cobb and Trump never really had attorney-client privilege. This means that Mueller can legally force Cobb to testify about everything Traitor Trump confessed to Cobb. The stupid president only seemed to be retaining Cobb on the payroll to keep him loyal, and the resignation today means that he has no plans to violate the law for the sake of an orange racist. This is why Trump blew up on Twitter just as Cobb quit. So did Trump learn anything?

No. Today, White House Press Secretary and lazy-eyed liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Emmet Flood is going to be paid by the taxpayers. This means Flood will not be Trump’s true lawyer, and that Trump and Flood won’t have attorney-client privilege. Trump is idiotically setting himself up for more of the serious problems he already has with Ty Cobb.

So why does Trump keep doing this to himself? He’s too arrogant and stupid to listen or understand when people have explain to him that he doesn’t have attorney-client privilege with anyone on the White House payroll. He’s also so broke that he can’t afford to pay expensive lawyers like Cobb and Flood with his own money, so he has no choice.

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