Trumps Personal Lawyer Just Got Nailed for Shady Finances -
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Trumps Personal Lawyer Just Got Nailed for Shady Finances

Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, currently owes hundreds of thousands in unpaid taxes caused by his ownership of several New York City taxi cabs, reports Bloomberg News.

Cohen was hit with state warrants in April for $185,000 in unpaid taxes for his taxi companies, which is a hefty sum and raises his total tax debt for a number of taxi firms to $282,000.

The crooked lawyer built his wealth by owning taxi medallions in both Chicago and New York before he eventually joined the Trump Organization as Donald Trump’s personal “fixer”. FBI agents in a raid of Cohen’s home and offices sought information about the medallions, possibly indicating a new look at his crooked finances.

Cohen owns around 30 taxi medallions in New York and he owns about 22 taxis in Chicago.

Lawyers for Crooked Cohen refused to comment to Bloomberg, and the news outlet reports that Cohen claimed that the taxes are really owned by a fellow New York cab mogul named Evgeny “Gene” Friedman.

Michael Cohen and his family have connections to several taxi cab company owners, such as Semyon Shtayner, who is a longtime Nevada business partner of Cohen’s father-in-law, whom Crooked Cohen and his wife’s dad loaned $26 million in the last few years as Shtayner moved his business into selling legal marijuana.

The Washington Post reports that Crooked Cohen is also under investigation for both bank and tax fraud. No wonder Donald Trump liked him so much–they’re both evil greedy monsters.

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