Donald Trump’s Latest Tweet to Stormy Backfires Horribly -
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Donald Trump’s Latest Tweet to Stormy Backfires Horribly

Donald Trump has abused his infamous Twitter profile to viciously attack respected members in his own party, several world leaders, and even top athletes. But for the first months during his Stormy Daniels scandal, the disgusting cheater was afraid to publicly attack her or even say her name. But then the idiot finally let loose with an accusatory tweet about her. It immediately blew up in his ugly orange face.

Stormy Daniels said that an unknown man came up to her and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone of her affair with our psychopath president Donald Trump. Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti released the police sketch of the man. This led Dirtbag Trump to finally attack Daniels on April 18th, disgustingly tweeting “A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!” Trump has been quiet about Daniels since, perhaps realizing that he shouldn’t have gone there, especially since he paid the man to threaten her.

Since then, a lawsuit has played out between Daniels and Donald Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen, who dealt with the original negotiations for Stormy Daniels’ silence. Cohen recently tricked the judge into delaying the proceedings for ninety days, due to the expectation that Michael Cohen will be indicted by then on criminal charges. So now Stormy Daniels is filing a lawsuit against Psychopath Trump over his tweet, says her attorney Avenatti.

You’re probably wondering what the legal precedent is that suggests an individual isn’t allowed to sue a sitting president for things he’s done while in office. But that precedent is based on just a few cases, and Stormy Daniels could make the argument that Trump’s tweet represented a continuation of his actions against her which started before he became president. Even if the lawsuit is thrown out, the discovery process will serve to expose the crimes of Trump and Cohen, and that was the point of the first suit against Cohen.

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