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Mike Pence Just Threw His Boss Under the Bus…Again

Weeks ago, a feud emerged between President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence which was under reported when it happened. Trump deliberately blocked a key Pence nomination for petty reasons. The question was whether this was a one time conflict or if there was a deeper feud between them.

Mike Pence’s people are now leaking to CNN that they tried to warn Donald Trump’s people about troubled Dr. Ronny Jackson back in 2017. This changes things. It paints Donald Trump as not just irresponsibly keeping Jackson as the White House doctor after he found out about his professional misconduct, but he also knowingly nominated a troubled individual to lead the VA. This leak causes Trump to look terrible, and it causes Pence to judicious for attempting to warn Trump about it.

That’s the entire point. Pence is going out of his way to look good at Trump’s expense, and he isn’t even being subtle about it. It’s a remarkable development. Trump and Pence aren’t yet at war with each other, however this is a series of very conspicuous skirmishes.

It’s worth mentioning that the first skirmish, which involved Donald Trump trying to do damage to Mike Pence, came not long after the Michael Cohen raid created new questions about if Trump is going to survive this. Now this newest skirmish, in which Pence is trying to make Trump look bad, is coming as things fall apart even further for Donald Trump. The timing here is not particularly difficult to determine. As the possibility of Trump’s doom (and thus Pence’s possible ascension to president) becomes more likely, the two are more willing to hurt each other for their own gain.

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