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Brewing Conflict Regarding Trump’s Mental and Physical Health

All you need to conclude there’s a problem with Donald Trump’s physical health, and even bigger issues with his cognitive health and mental abilities, is watch him from a distance. Its rapid decline is also plain to see. Now, an entire new cloud of controversy surrounds The President’s mental and physical health.

Expert examination would be required to find out exactly what’s damaging with Trump’s body and brain. Earlier this year, the President attempted to fight off health-related inquisitions by receiving a physical from the White House doctor. Dr. Ronny Jackson clearly faked that physical’s results by adding an inch to Trump’s height and subtracting at least thirty pounds from his weight. These results have now faced yet more delegitimization.

Everyone wondered at the time how Trump influenced an esteemed physician like Ronny Jackson to falsify his physical’s results. Then Trump nominated Jackson for the VA position, indicating a deal between them. Then a long list of accusations against Jackson, like workplace intoxication, passing out prescription pills like candy, and crashing a car under the influence and banging in the middle of the night on a woman’s door. Trump withdrew his nomination for Jackson even while these allegations were under investigation. Jackson is now also leaving his steady job as White House doctor.

Ronny Jackson resigning implies that this issue is a significantly worse than what we know already. Perhaps Donald Trump was aware of Jackson’s disturbing behavior and blackmailed him into falsifying the physical. The results from the President’s physical must now be completely discarded, because the circumstances obviously compromised them. Where does this rabbit hole lead? Perhaps the point is Donald Trump’s mental and physical health are so poor that it caused him to go such lengths to hide it.

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