Another Scandalous Resignation at Trump White House Just Happened -
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Another Scandalous Resignation at Trump White House Just Happened

The list of high profile resignations and firings Donald Trump has caused, the majority of which had a scandalous or controversial nature, is so long that Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host, must keep constructing a bigger board for displaying all of the failures’ names. We have another name, which is well known by all, to add to it today, and the cloud of controversy surrounding it may have only just begun.

This week, President Trump revoked Dr. Ronny Jackson’s nomination for leader of the VA, following public accusations of Jackson harassing a woman, being intoxicated at work, and inappropriately distributing prescription drugs. Usually, officials do not withdraw controversial nominations without some truth to the accusations. In addition, Jackson is resigning as the President’s White House doctor, raising red flags about the potential ugliness that may truly be.

The resignation of Jackson also weakens Trump’s lie that the accusations simply served to frame some kind of frame Jackson and interfere with his nomination. Giving up on pushing for a promotion when facing a scandal is one thing. Quitting your current job too out of the blue is another. Anyway, Jackson never had a real chance of success even before the spread of the scandal.

Ronny now Jackson tails the list of scandalously resigned or fired White House officials that’s grown too long to memorize. Sean Spicer, Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, H.R. McMaster, Anthony Scaramucci, Tom Price, Rex Tillerson, Steven Bannon, and Sebastian Gorka also occupy the list.

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