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Latest Quinnipiac Poll Reveals The BIG Issue for the 2018 Elections

A new Quinnipiac poll demonstrates that if Democrats control the House of Representatives after the 2018 midterm elections, over 70 percent of supporters want Democrats to begin impeaching President Donald Trump.

The poll shows precisely what’s at stake in the midterm elections and it proves what concerned Republican strategists were saying for months: the 2018 election is a referendum for impeachment.

The overall percentage of American voters in favor of impeachment has declined seven percent from January, but the survey shows the left’s intensity regarding the subject of impeaching Traitor Trump.

Because impeachment proceedings must begin in the House chamber, its crucial that Democrats win congressional races this November.

Despite the determination on the left, Trump’s brainwashed base continues to support the racist who has sexually assaulted dozens of women.

82 percent of Republican voters have been brainwashed into believing the Russia investigation is really a “political witch hunt,” and most (51 percent) think the mainstream media is the “enemy of the people” instead of an “important part of democracy.” A depressing 81 percent of Republican voters (gullible idiots) trust the president even more than the news to “tell them the truth about important issues.”

Surprisingly, Quinnipiac also asked about the public’s views regarding Environmental Protection Agency administrator and corrupt/incompetent puppet Scott Pruitt who is under fire for extravagant travel and mismanagement of resources. Only 51% of Republican voters support how Pruitt has managed the EPA, while 52 percent of all voters disapproved. Hopefully this will impact the only relevant opinion: President Trump’s.

As both sides present a smorgasbord of candidates in the next six months, they must communicate to key party supporters that there is only one item on the menu in fall of 2018: impeachment.

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