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Federal Judge Just Put Trump and His Lawyer Into a No Win Situation

As the legal battle ensues over the admissibility of the communications seized by the FBI between Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen, it’s become a referendum regarding whether Cohen is really a functioning attorney anymore. Prosecutors are claiming that Cohen does almost no attorney work, and that he is merely a problem-solver for Trump’s many scandals. Cohen is claiming that he is a proper attorney, and he represents several clients beyond Trump. But the judge just flipped that argument upside down.

The judge is now ordering that Michael Cohen hand over his clients list by Monday, to prove that he truly represents people as a lawyer. Moreover, the judge insists that the list will be in the public record, says a new report by Politico. If Michael Cohen has other clients, then who are they? Cohen helped, as we discovered this week, Republican National Committee official Elliott Broidy hide an affair which involved an abortion; Broidy then quit immediately.

If this is the kind of “client” Cohen is talking about, then it means he’s referring to people he has done scandal fixer work for. He therefore can’t give up their names without exposing their scandals and failing at his job. So unless Michael Cohen wants to betray everyone on Monday by putting their names in the public record, he will have to withdraw the argument that the FBI-seized communications are client-lawyer privileged.

Who is Cohen going to betray Monday? Will he throw his various “clients” in front of the bus by exposing them, or might he toss Trump (and himself) in front of harm’s way by letting the seized communications between he and Trump be admitted into evidence? Michael Cohen is trapped in a no-win corner.

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