Donald Trump Just Exposed for Tempting Potential Foes with Illegal Pardons -
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Donald Trump Just Exposed for Tempting Potential Foes with Illegal Pardons

Donald Trump was exposed today for dangling pardons in front of of anonymous Trump-Russia grand jury witnesses. Special Counsel Robert Mueller disapproves of this obstruction of justice. Reports last month claimed Traitor Trump dangled pardons in Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort’s faces.

Trump made John Dowd , his ex-laywer, offer to pardon both Manafort and Flynn, because he wanted to stop them from cutting plea deals. Manafort, refusing to cooperate and facing charges, has not spoken in front of a grand jury. Even if Flynn had already decided to cut his plea agreement, he would have done that secretly as part of the deal, and Trump would not have been able to find out. In conclusion, the freshly announced pardon proposals – like NBC News revealed today – must have involved individuals whom Trump knew were testifying before Trump-Russia grand juries.

The list of qualified individuals is inconveniently lengthy. For example, Sam Nunberg revealed that his subpoena to testify for a Robert Mueller grand jury reached him only a few days before he was forced to testify. An additional instance was the media reporting of Sam Clovis’s testimony before a Mueller grand jury. Other Trump allies might have privately told him about that their testimony subpoenas.

What we don’t know yet is who were given the president’s pardons. In the end, the truth will reveal itself. This is today’s big story: Trump did not really pardon these individuals, and they testified against him instead. Perhaps the even bigger story is Trump fueling Robert Mueller’s pursuit of these would-be pardons as illegal acts of obstruction of justice.

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