How Paul Ryan’s Resignation Just Increased the Odds for Trump's Impeachment -
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How Paul Ryan’s Resignation Just Increased the Odds for Trump’s Impeachment

This morning, during one of Donald Trump’s classic crazy tweeting extravaganzas, which included posts like “Gas Killing Animal,” “Stop The Arms Race,” and “Fake Russia C story” (nobody really knows what the “C” stands for), Speaker of the House Paul Ryan revealed his resignation from Congress. Some theorize that Ryan took simply saw Trump’s Twitter feed and said screw everything. Whatever Ryan’s reasoning, due to the particular situation he is in, he may have just sparked the inspiration the for the impeachment of Traitor Trump.

A simple majority vote is necessary to start impeachment trials in the House. Because of the current distribution of party member across the House, each Democrat and around 10% of the Republicans would need to vote “yes.”  A sufficient number of potential “yes” votes could exist within the House GOP, especially as Trump’s wrongdoings grow in their repugnance, but it is hard to believe they would do the right thing unless Ryan personally approves it as he is the Speaker.

Paul Ryan constantly proves that, concerning Traitor Trump, he’s become paralyzed into inaction. Is he afraid of being attacked by Trump voters? Does he fear the exposure of his own involvement in the Trump-Russia conspiracy? Is the boy scared of his own shadow? The point is that Ryan has failed to go after Trump. Now that he is leaving, we will witness a significant shift in one of two directions.

Over the past weeks, certain House Republicans have been discussing the possibility to replace Paul Ryan with Steve Scalise. One of them has even stated this in public. However, they did not want to wait until Ryan’s term concluded because the Left will most likely dominate the House by that point, and the GOP would not be able to select the Speaker. They want to make the switch now. Ryan’s public stance (for now) is that he will carry out the term.

 Why would Paul Ryan stay for eight more months if he plans to resign? Common sense would say he wants power over the House if and when the impeachment order is put into place. Recalling Donald Trump’s House GOP minions’ plan to kick Ryan out, it makes sense that Ryan would want to vote “yes” for impeachment the next time the Liberals call a vote on the issue. Although it sounds crazy, everything adds up to Ryan’s resignation announcement so he can oust Traitor Trump before midterms, which could be an attempt to reduce Republican losses this November.

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