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2 Republican Senators Now Regret Voting for Trump’s Controversial Bill

A couple weeks after the Republicans passed their regressive tax bill, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) publicly admitted his regret. He reflected on the fact that he and the rest of the party “probably went too far” in rewarding mega-corporations with huge tax cuts. He added that the GOP plan “isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

Rubio is not the only one who questions if he made a good choice.

Republican Senator Bob Corker is expressing disappointment with his decision on the bill, now that he can see the price tag more clearly.

Corker wined about the monstrous mound of fresh federal debt that is expected to build up due to the callous choices he and his cronies made during a Senate Budget Committee meeting with the Congressional Budget Office.

“If it ends up costing what has been laid out here, it could well be one of the worst votes I’ve made,” he admitted.

To an extent, Corker’s display of regret is reasonable. The retiring Republican from Tennessee says that fiscal responsibility matters to him, so his apprehension about the CBO report could make sense. New  clues suggest that the GOP’s failure will plague the country’s economy for the next decade at minimum.

What is not acceptable is Corker’s refusal to face the facts before casting “one of the worst votes” during his life’s work.

We cannot forget that in the beginning of the debate about the Republican tax reductions, Corker told Chuck Todd from NBC that, “If it looks like to me, Chuck, we’re adding one penny to the deficit, I am not going to be for it, okay? I’m sorry. It is the greatest threat to our nation.”

Corker temporarily honored his word. In the face of countless individual predictions that the GOP bill would increase deficits by over $1 trillion by the upcoming decade, the Tennessean was the single senator of the GOP to balk when the law initially reached the Senate for a vote.

On the 14th of December, the process moving along, Cork stuck by his beliefs, kept his promises, and said that concerns about the debt “certainly have not been addressed.”

One day later, after being ignored by his peers, Crooked Corker publicly supported the poisonous plan, breaking each promise he had made during the debate, and ignoring the Joint Committee on Taxation’s warning that the package would explode the deficit.

“If it ends up costing what has been laid out here, it could well be one of the worst votes I’ve made,” the corrupt Corker admitted yesterday. Why on Earth is the Republican senator so surprised that the piles of evidence gathered last year revealed the truth?

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