GOP Rep. Devin Nunes Lunatic Behavior Unwittingly Reveals the Truth -
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GOP Rep. Devin Nunes Lunatic Behavior Unwittingly Reveals the Truth

We finally know that it was Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee who got caught leaking classified information to Trump. Since the Feds have raided Michael Cohen’s office and residence, Devin Nunes is hitting the panic button.

Devin Nunes went on Fox News a day after the raid and said that he will either impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well as FBI Director Christopher Wray, or he’ll paint them as being in contempt of Congress, or he will steal their lunch money, or some other nonsense. Who knows what Nunes thinks he is threatening to do, since it’s pretty obvious that he does not know either. The timing, though, is a giveaway.

Congress might do the things Nunes is threatening, but Nunes can’t do them. Considering that even a few of the other GOP members on his House Intel Committee broke from him publicly after he released a fake report under their name which incorrectly exonerated Trump and everyone else involved in the Trump-Russia treason scandal, it’s hard to imagine Nunes finding enough people in Congress who are willing to go along with him on this.

Devin Nunes is going insane about Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein and right after they approved the FBI raid in Michael Cohen’s office. Does Devin Nunes fear that the FBI may have gotten evidence in Cohen’s office that Devin Nunes was the one leaking all the Trump-Russia testimony to Michael Cohen? In any case, Devin Nunes isn’t freaking out without a reason. He just gave away that Robert Mueller and the FBI are quickly closing in on him.

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