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Donald Trump’s Attempts a Desperate ‘Hail Mary Pass’

It seems that Donald Trump is putting together one last desperate attempt to save himself. Maybe I’m being too generous by assuming this was stupid old Trump’s idea, as it’s far more likely it was thought up by an attorney, one of the few remaining, on his legal team. The latest attacks on ex-top members of the FBI seem to be a very pathetic attempt to discredit their testimony to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Andrew McCabe got fired by racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions, just two days before he got his pension, because of a nonexistent “lack of candor.” While it is very laughable that the liar Sessions could say someone lacked candor, because he lied under oath several, it was also revealed recently that it was McCabe who began an investigation into the disgusting, racist hypocrite Sessions’ lies while under oath.

Now we are finding out that McCabe’s attorney, Michael Bromwich, is giving evidence that claims all the reasons for McCabe’s firing were lies. It now has become clear that these attacks on members of America’s most reliable intelligence agencies are designed to do two things. First, Traitor Trump hopes that by constantly lying it will result in his gullible base and fellow Republicans not believing the truth, when it is presented by Robert Mueller’s investigation. (It usually works, at least on his stupid supporters; many Republican politicians understand that Trump is a fleeting phenomenon that they need to wait out.) Secondly, it’s just another attempt to appease Trump’s real boss, Vladamir Putin, by making division among Americans, while it generates some doubt about what Americans are told is true by their own reliable intelligence agencies.

Bromwich clearly explains that Trump, and a few complicit Republican Congress members, are “attempting to create a false narrative” regarding the firing of McCabe. Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Twitter the FBI and DOJ demonstrate how desperate Trump is to gain access classified documents. Trump’s real reason for insisting on the release of ll these documents is to let his cronies let him know what Robert Mueller really has against him, so that he can prepare for his approaching interview with Mueller. President Jackass can tweet and insult people as much as he desires, but it’s important to know that Mueller expected all of this from the beginning and he is ready to take Trump down no matter what documents are released. While Traitor Trump’s desperation is very real, no matter what, his “Hail Mary” pass will not save him from being impeached and going to prison.

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